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Getting Rid Of Pond Mosquitoes

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Pond is a beautiful outdoor feature, however, it attracts lots of unwanted wildlife, including annoying mosquitoes. This problem is most likely to occur if the pond is self-contained, and no water is flowing in or out of it. Moreover, mosquitoes tend to breed in stagnant water posing danger to the wild life in the pond, as well as for the human beings. There are several ways of getting rid of pond mosquitoes and here you will find most comprehensive ones!

Dealing With Pond Mosquitoes

Pond Mosquitoes

Mosquito Resting On Pond Water

Regular Cleaning

One of the basic methods of dealing with pond mosquitoes is to maintain the pond cleanness. Clean the pond regularly from debris, as mosquitoes tend to feed from the particles that are found in these debris. When the fall season is coming it is essential to maintain the cleanness of the pond from falling leaves as well. To prevent stagnation make the water moving that can be done by inserting the mechanical aerator, which will create ripples.

Natural Enemies

Another way of dealing with pond mosquitoes is to place their natural enemies into the pond, such as large-mouth bass and blue gill. This fish eats the larvae and eggs of mosquitoes decreasing their population. If you will allow toads in your garden, they can take care of the mature mosquitoes by decreasing their population.

Use Plants

Some plants, such as rosemary, marigold and catnip, are natural mosquito repellents. Make sure to make intervals when planting them near the pond. The plants produce strong odors that keep the mosquitoes away.


If you find it absolutely necessary you can use various pesticides to deal with pond mosquitoes. Bacteria-based larvicide that contains Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis kills the mosquito eggs. If the population of mosquitoes does not decrease it is important to repeat the process. Using the combination of the various methods you can eventually get rid of the mosquito problem.

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