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Flowerbed Islands in Pond

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Ornamental pond in the garden is a jewel itself. And if it is further decorated by a flowerbed-island, it will look even more impressive. Flowerbed island is the latest trend in the global landscape design. Owners of a sufficiently large pond will love the idea of ​​floating beds with their favorite garden plants.

Flowerbed Island in Ornamental Pond

Flower beds in pond

Flower beds in pond

Almost any garden plants will fit such beds: shade-loving annuals, dwarf irises, dwarf daylilies, Astilbe, etc. If you plan planting water-loving plants you will need to make holes in the bottom of the container through which the roots will get nutrients directly from the pond water. If you plant drought-resistant plants, then you do not need to make a hole. Those who like diversity can easily change plants on the island every season.

You can use flat plastic containers (pots, bowls, etc.) to make such beds with your hands. Bottom of the vessel is veiled by a piece of fleece (to avoid water pollution). Then it is covered with soil, and it is ready for planting. While making beds out of scrap materials you can face a problem with the stability of structures on the surface. This can be solved by securing the sides of the container by pieces of ordinary foam.

Flower beds in pond

Flower beds in pond

Flowerbed island can be either stationary (fixed in one place by a bottom anchor with chain) and free-floating. The first option is preferred, due to the fact that the floating flower bed will be periodically washed ashore by the wind.

In a regular garden a bed island should be in the form of oval, circle or square. In the landscape garden it should be made in any incorrect, natural form. In any case, it is necessary to decorate the edges of flower beds. In landscape garden it can be done using plants with flowing shoots. In the regular garden you can use tiles, decorative ribbon, etc.

Such islands are a favorite place for frogs and newts. If the island is large enough it may even be attractive for ducks. You can grow not only flowers on such islands, but also vegetables.

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