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Controlling Pond Algae

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Ponds are beautiful outdoor water features, however, they have various problems in maintenance. One of such problems is the formation of algae that spreads really fast and is dangerous to pond inhabitants. Controlling the algae is very important if you intend to keep the pond water fresh for the fish and beautiful for the eye.

Pond Algae Control

Pond Algae

Algae On The Pond by Kathleen Connally

Location & Cleaning

It is good to place the pond in the partial shade, but that needs to be done when the pond is being constructed. The shade is decreasing algae’s ability to live, so think of that beforehand. However if you do have the algae problem already, one of the first things to do is to clean the pond water as much as you can by using a rake or a garden brush. This won’t help in controlling the situation, but at least your pond will contain fewer algae.

Water Lilies

Make sure that at least 50 % of the pond is covered with water lilies. Not only it will add charm to the pond, but also significantly decrease the algae population. The underwater plants are also good at controlling the algae problem. The plants fight for the same nutrients as algae, so that decreases the algae chances of survival.

Koi Fish

Koi fish are also good in solving the problem, as they help in maintaining natural  pond cycle. However don’t put too many, as it creates more nutrients and the algae problem can only get worse. The right amount of the fish in the pond depends on the size of your pond: 5 koi fish to 25 gallon pond would be perfect.

Bacteria & Barley Straw

If the situation is serious, the best way to deal with algae is to use nutrifying bacteria that will starve the algae. There are also products such as bio-pond tabs that can help with the problem. Place the bacteria in filters, rocks and plants and allow some time to grow. Another way to deal with algae is to add a barley straw to the water. It needs to be near the top of the pond. This can help in getting rid of algae as well.

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