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Beneficial Pond Wildlife

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We always speak of how bad the insects and other representatives of the wildlife are for the pond and outdoors in general. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are also some beneficial pond dwellers, which should be attracted to the pond.

Beneficial Pond Creatures


Dragonfly Closeup


Most often if you have a pond or some other water feature you might observe the iridescent large insects known as dragonflies. Their larvae live underwater, and they eat tadpoles (larval stage in the life cycle of an amphibian) or small fish. Dragonflies fly around and eat other minor insects, including mosquitoes, as some sources suggest.

Gray Tree Frogs


Gray Tree Frog By Marc Behrendt

These types of frogs are the most common in the eastern half of the United States. They can change their color from brown to gray green. It is a well-known fact that frogs eat insects, especially unwanted ones such as mosquitoes, as well as moths, tree crickets, ants, flies, grasshoppers and beetles.

Painted Turtles


Beautiful Pond Turtle

Painted turtles are rather large aquatic animals, therefore, they should have enough space for dwelling. Turtles eat algae, aquatic plants, insects, tadpoles, fish, leeches, earthworms, and crayfish. They lay eggs into the soil in early summer, so make sure the soil is rather loose for their eggs.

Garden Spider

Garden Spider

Garden Spider By Ted C. MacRae

Garden spiders with a rather bold coloration are very common in the gardens. They create 2-foot-wide webs in which they capture grasshoppers, beetles, wasps, and moths. Despite their bold appeal, they are harmless to humans.

American Toad


American Toad By Mary Holland

This variety of toads is really popular in the U.S. Being rather large, the American toads dwell in big ponds and water features. These toads eat small insects, and hunt the wildlife that is found around the pond during nighttime. There is a common misconception that handling toads will cause warts, but of course it is not true.

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