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20 Incredible Pond Designs

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A pond is a wonderful outdoor water feature that is especially pleasing during the hot summer days. If you are thinking of creating a pond in your garden, and can’t decide on the design or shape, we have compiled a set of incredible pond ideas just for you.

Amazing Ponds Design

Amazing Ponds

Sun House Pond

Sun House Pond

The continuous space of this outdoor area seems to be leading to the pond almost entirely. The house was designed by Guz Architects and it is located in Singapore. The pond in the surrounding area of the outdoors provides a good focal point. It is especially lovely to see how the pond delineates the house’s architectural façade. Among other highlights are the green islands with full blown trees.

Decked Out Pond

Amazing Ponds

Pond & Decks

Sometimes even a regular pond can become a focal point, if you add something unique to the landscape. Such unique feature could be a deck over the pond, such as shown in the picture above. We also see how the borders are outlined with small boulders. Isn’t it a cute idea for a garden pond?

Pond & Walls

Another cute idea for highlighting a water feature is presented by Teenage Cancer Trust garden, which was designed by Joe Swift. The garden was featured during the Chelsea Flower show that recently took place in London. Although the garden features mostly drought-resistant plants, not offering lush sceneries, with amazing timber screening and water feature the place feels revived. The pond highlights the dryness of the space bringing some water charm to the area.

Amazing Ponds

Garden Pond By Joe Swift

Pond & Water Features

A simple pond can be decorated with a unique fountain feature. You can even make a DIY gazing ball bubbler fountain from simple tools. Fountains can be as large or as little as you want them to be. Garden statues are also ideal for using as pond decorations, and they can also be quite complex or simple. Even using boulders in the pond’s bottom can also increase its appeal, just be careful not to throw too many boulders, if you have fish living in the pond.

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