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Top 3 Incredible Furniture Designs

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Furniture is an essential part of any decorating, but the amazing furniture doubles the impression. Presenting the top 3 incredible furniture designs!
top 3 incredible furniture designs

Stylish Outdoor Furniture

One of the most important features of your outdoor space, be it a garden, patio or even a pool is of course the furniture that you chose to decorate your space with. So, the exquisite furniture pieces can quickly become a focal point in outdoor area. The following message is addressed to those who seek the unusual furniture designs and we start with the lush italian furniture collection.

1. Canasta furniture sets
Canasta furniture is presented by B&B Italia company, made by Patricia Urquiola. The collection includes armchairs and chairs ofdifferent shapes, but the most striking in the collection is of course the material: the Vienna straw. The structure of the furniture is reminiscent of the baskets, which in spanish would be entitled Canasta. All furniture pieces offer adjustable cushions in various patterns and colors.

2. Bubble Tent

The next in our list is not really a furniture, but a tent. However, what possibilities it offers! It is entirely transparent, and thus can be used outdoors for rest. Just imagine yourself in that bubble, enjoying the nature without mosquitoes, flies, bees, bats, or noises. The idea was fist caught by Pierre Stéphane, but now it is getting more popular and used widely. The fun thing is that these bubble tents can be folded and taken practically anywhere.

3. Linea Foglia
Linea Foglia is a collection of outdoor furniture designed by Corradi Group from aluminum, steel and teak. The furniture is very elegant and features the branch and leaves pattern all over the furniture. The cushions are a nice addition to experience comfort and enjoy.

Incredible Furniture

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