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Sifas Furniture: Sleek and Contemporary

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Outdoor furniture is an essential part of any outdoor area, however good outdoor furniture will make your outdoor living space glorious. Sifas is a French company that operates since 1937 and is known worldwide with their very high quality products.


Sifas – French Furniture Excellence

Founded in 1937, Sifas is a French company renowned for its high quality outdoor furniture designs. Their furniture designs are very versatile and all feature a high standard materials and unique designs. Their latest collection, entitled “the Ec-Inoks” which offers a broad variety of different furniture designs, including a dining table, lounge chairs, coffee table ottomans, sunbather, dining armchair and dining side chair. One of the most important features of any product from Sifas is their environmentally friendly approach to furniture, which makes all of their furniture recyclable.


Moreover, Sifas Ec-Inoks collection is made from a unique material, Batyline Canatex. It is a woven fabric, which is made of polyester fibers “with a composite sheath partly made of hemp thread grown using sustainable farming techniques”. It is made from two different materials, it is entirely recyclable thanks to the manufacturer’s Texyloop® process. This product is flexible, light, quick-drying, anti-fungal, UV-resistant, fire-resistant and have a wide range of colors. The product is sturdy enough, as it has been tested specifically for this. This product is very resistant to corrosion, and very shiny and smooth. There are also different furnishing options, such as different colors, such as chanvre, blanc, inox. Moreover, there are also different cushions, in deauville canvas, natural velvet stripes, taupe velvet stripe.


Among other outdoor furniture collections of the Sifas company are Sakura Lounge Furniture, with a realy flowing design the collection for yachts, pool sides and of course patios; Kokoon, which includes a dining chair, a lounge armchair with footrest, matching tables, a “loveseat” sofa with canopy; Kokonut collection which uses a sculptural design using rotomoulding technique, which gives a volume without weight. So, you see that Sifas has unique approach to furniture designs, offering a wide range of outdoor furnishings.

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