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Rustic Log Furniture

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Log Furniture! It is very exceptional to own log furniture and set it in either outdoors or in the rooms of the house. To be closely to nature, wood, and the scent that the wood gives, will make you feel being in the woods. The designs of log furniture will turn your house into something mythical, fairy like look, especially if you have small children they would just adore to sleep, sit or play on the log furniture.

Log Furniture at the Firepit

Log Furniture at the Firepit

Natural Log Furniture

The rustic natural log furniture will look great in your log home, log cabin or lodge. The log furniture pieces are truly one-of-a-kind pieces. All the log furniture is usually made from dead-standing bull pine, ponderosa pine, and lodge pole pine. A natural drying process allows the bark to be removed leaving a natural, variable color on the wood, which is just gorgeous.

Child's Rocking Chair

Child’s Rocking Chair

Making Log Furniture

You can even try to make log furniture yourselves. There are some seasons when you need to trim the trees in your garden and you have some logs left, from small to big and they can be really used for making furniture. It might not be that beautiful as we used to see in the furniture stores, however, any imperfections in the wood gives its natural beauty and charm. If you decide to make one, please remember always inspect the surfaces to be sanded evenly as this will affect your product search stop over. There are numerous plans for log home furniture that you can choose from, but look for plans that are easy to follow and have a total listing of supplies and tools required for work on your project. If you do not have one you can always take it to the hardware vendor and solid wood nearby and make them lower the items according to the strategies for log furniture specifications.

Great Outdoor Bench

Great Outdoor Bench


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