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Refurnishing Wooden Outdoor Furniture

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Although wood as a material for furniture might appear rather sturdy, in reality it is a very fragile material. This is especially obvious when the furniture is used for outdoors. Today we are going to explore ways of refurnishing the old outdoor furniture pieces so that they can look gorgeous again!

outdoor furniture remake

Furniture Remake

No matter how beautiful your wooden outdoor furniture can be, it will be ruined sometime. However, there are different ways to revive your furniture, using some simple techniques. As you know, weather elements, such as sun, rain and snow can damage your wooden furniture, unless of course you don’t move it indoors. However, if your furniture is already ruined – don’t worry, there are ways to help you!

So, first of all, take out the furniture to the spot where it can be visible and no other pieces could reach it, let’s say to the middle. Then you need to set the garden hose nozzle at the highest pressure setting and press wash all of the dirt off the furniture. After that you need to let the furniture dry completely.

outdoor furniture remake

Then look at your furniture piece critically, does it have any flat runs, or you can see cracks in there? First of all, fix the cracks and then sand the surface of the furniture piece by hand or by machine. After that you need to wash the furniture piece once again, so the little splinters would be removed from the furniture. It needs to be completely dry before you do anything else.

After that, you have an option of making the furniture look either natural, or dramatic. If you want to go for the natural look – use oil, if you want the dramatic look use stain. Apply oil or stain with a soft fabric, and then dry the excess of the moisture. If you need to, apply several coats. An oil-based stain will protect the finish of the wood while adding color to the furniture. A stain creates a deeper finish or can even be used to add a wash of color. So using these easy tips, you will be able to refurnish the look of your furniture in no time!

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