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Outdoor Playground Ideas

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If you have kids, especially in the preschool age one of the greatest ideas for their development is promoting the outdoor activity, and this can be done by building an outdoor playground. Here are some ideas on simple outdoor playgrounds!


DIY Playgrounds Ideas

Playgrounds are a universal way to make the kids entertain themselves and are a great contribution to their development, while breathing the fresh air. The best idea in designing the playground for your children is to enlist their help, and this way your playground would be not only safe, but fun and kids oriented! However, one of the most important aspects of any playground, especially of the DIY playground is the safety issues. So first thing to do is to find a plan for your playground and follow this plan closely. Playgrounds can become an awesome way to include nature into the daily activities of your kids, as they can add strength, creativity and childhood diversion! Not to make it very complicated you will need to use practical and easy materials.


Another thing is to consider the location, preferably with the level ground, or level the ground later on. Check the equipment with your kids, as they will be using it after all. If there are any tree limbs, remove them if they might interfere with a playground equipment. By now, you have probably made or purchased the appropriate equipment, like a swing set, slide, fort, sand box or other, which was purchased by your kids. Assemble the equipment in a certain way, which would suit your kids, and make sure that you follow the instructions of the assemblage and safety thoroughly. Another thing to assemble the equipment leaving some extra space in case of emergency fallings, so the child won’t get hurt and each piece of playground equipment should be secured safely. Last step is to place some mulch to the entire playground area, rubber mulch is an excellent material as it absorbs the impact from the falls, making the playground really safe! So, enjoy making a playground for your kids, with your kids!

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  1. Michelle Stowe
    April 27, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    Hi, I am receiving a used playground set. They do not have the screws to go with it. Can I order hardware from your company?