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Outdoor Furniture Shopping Guide

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Outdoor furniture is essential part in decorating your outdoor area and making it more functional. However, buying outdoor furniture might be quite puzzling, but don’t fret – today we are going to be your outdoor furniture shopping guide by telling you all you need to know about furniture materials, so stick around!

outdoor furniture buying

Outdoor Furniture Types

As you know, comfortable outdoors is constituted majorly by how you decorate it and furniture is one of the most important parts in that scenery. There are three different types of outdoor furniture materials: wood, metal, wicker. They all have their benefits and disadvantages, but some serve better in certain circumstances.

1. Wood

outdoor furniture buying

This type of material is suitable if you like to create a nature-friendly outdoor, since this is 100 % eco-friendly material. Choose the center-cut heartwood lumber with consistent grain with zinc-plated or stainless steel screws for outdoor furniture.

Cedar and pine are also a good choice, if you are not afraid of their greying with age peculiary. The furniture from these wood types will last for ages if you care for it properly. However, teak is amongst the most durable materials, although it is quite pricey.

2. Metal

outdoor furniture buying

Metal is ageless, if cared for properly. There are two variations out of which the furniture could be made: wrought iron and aluminum. The wrought iron outdoor furniture is very elegant and beautiful, although quite expensive. They are quite heavy, and fit for the windy weather, so they are more durable in terms of weather conditions and time.

Extruded Aluminum is usually made from tubular frames, and features straps. Although quite lightweight, it is not as sturdy as the wrought iron ones. However, their light weight is good for stacking. The aluminum outdoor furniture is relatively inexpensive. There are also cast aluminum furniture products, which offer more intricate designs.

3. Wicker

outdoor furniture buying

There are several types of wicker: regular and all-weather wicker. Although they look similar, they are different because they need different care approaches. Regular wicker is only for covered outdoors, while all-weather wicker, as the name points out – can be used everywhere. They are more durable.

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