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Outdoor Furniture Reconceptualized

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Your outdoor living space is a continuation of your house space, which means that is not merely a place where you can dump all the needless furniture, furnishing – or on the contrary make it a highly contrasting luxurious space. Be creative with your space, and try making unconventional decisions by presenting outdoor furniture pieces reconceptualized!


Outdoor Furniture Remake

How about making a nice outdoor sofa out of your camp cot into an amazing original daybed! Perhaps you might hire an upholster for this project, or maybe your sewing skills would be enough – however, this idea is just brilliant! Make a coordinating cover for the camp cot and throw some pillows, following the rules of patterning and you will have a unique daybed! The same is true for the camp stool, changing of upholstery can do real miracles! Moreover, it can even become a side table or a stool for your legs! Just about anything can be done, and of course if you don’t need this objects any more!


The idea of converting camp furniture into something unconventional can be continued by turning the camp chairs with sling seats into the fancy beach chair. This can be achieved by updating the cover with nice sunny prints. If you would look around your space you will most certainly notice things that can be used alternatively, like an unused stepping stone, which can be used as a side table! Just place this flat slab on something to create a base, perhaps paint it – and you gave the slab a second life! If you happen to have an outdated cupboard with paint peeling off and missing glass – it can be transformed into a potting shed. The old tree trunks in this perspective can become a side tables as well, if course you will do something with their rotting away nature!


If you are lucky to have old trees in your yard that give off a lot shade, you can make a wraparound bench, that goes perfectly and will allow a full view of the landscape. For the perfect rustic outdoors, don’t forget about the picnic table! We hope that some of these ideas spark a creative thoughts in you!

Outdoor Furniture Reconceptualization

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