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Outdoor Furniture: Painting Tips

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There are too many outdoor furniture sets that are looking tired and worn out when they could be rejuvenated with nothing but paint. Though it takes some work, painting outdoor furniture is a great way to give outdoor furniture new life. So get started on these steps so you can be enjoying your furniture’s new look by summer.

Easy color transformation for your outdoor furniture

Opting for a paint

Start by choosing the best paint for your furniture. If you have plastic or metal outdoor furniture, for example, you are going to want to choose paint that is designed for non-porous surfaces. However, if you are working with wood furniture, you do not have to be nearly as picky. So when you are choosing the paint for your outdoor furniture, make sure you are taking the material you are painting into consideration.

Clean your furniture

Outdoor furniture gets dirty fast, and dirt makes it hard for paint to stick to your furniture. So get some soapy warm water and clean off your furniture before you do anything else. The just wipe it down with a dry towel before you start the next step.


No matter what material you are working with, it is always beneficial to lightly sand your furniture. Sanding gives your paint something to grip to and helps the finish last longer. Not to mention is helps smooth out areas that have become rough because of wear and tear. So take some 120 grit sandpaper and go over your outdoor furniture to ensure your paint job lasts.

Use primer

Now that your furniture is sanded you are going to want to apply at least one coat of primer. Primer is yet another way to help your paint stick to your furniture, so avoid the urge to finish the project faster by skipping this step. Simply choose a primer that is suitable for your furniture’s material and then apply one or two light coats before you start painting.

Paint it!

Once your primer has completely dried it is time for some paint. Apply several light coats of paint, letting each coat dry before another coat is added. Light coats are important because they help avoid dripping and provide a smooth finish. Otherwise, simply follow the instructions provided to you on your paint can.

Let the outdoor furniture dry

Now that your outdoor furniture has been cleaned, sanded, primed and painted the easy part comes. Let it dry. Do not touch it or move it, just let it sit exactly where it is for at least 24 hours. This is important because it allows your paint time to bond to the furniture and will help your paint job last. So relax for a day or two and let you furniture dry.After your paint is dry, all you need to do is move it back into place and enjoy it. Painting outdoor furniture can be hard work, but if it can turn an ugly set into the star of your backyard it is worth it. So start the process now so you can enjoy your newly painted furniture all summer long.

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