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Metal Outdoor Furniture: Refinish Tips

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Every home-owner knows that outdoor metal furniture requires deliberate cleaning and care to keep it in good shape. Soot, dirt and other kinds of grit make the outdoor furniture unattractive and neglected. Moreover, there are ultraviolet waves and negative weather conditions to fade and chip paint, oxidate and rust. Yes, you can replace the old metal furniture with the new one, but still, restoring and refinishing it is much more economical. The essential thing is to clean and renovate the furniture before the damage becomes too harsh.

Outdoor metal furniture refinish tips

Wash the metal furniture with a mild detergent and sponge or brush. Scrub the metal furniture to remove dirt and grime. Rinse the furniture with a garden hose. Allow the furniture to air dry.

Get rid of loose paint chips and flakes with by knocking them off with a wire brush and putty knife. The rough places should be sanded with 60-grit sandpaper until the surfaces are smooth and even.

Check out the furniture for signs of rust. Outdoor metal furniture is exposed to moisture and other natural elements and this makes them naturally prone to rust. Rust begins in chipped and nicked areas where the bare metal is exposed. Completely remove the rust to protect the furniture. Scrape off loose rust with a wire brush. Sand the removing rust with medium grit sandpaper until the bare metal is exposed.

Repair holes and damaged areas with metal filler patching compound. Matching compounds are available at hardware and home supply stores. Follow the instructions on the container. Patch the holes and allow the patching material to dry for the recommended length of time. Sand the repaired areas with 320-grit sandpaper until the surface is smooth and even.

Next, apply several light coats of rust-inhibiting metal primer to the furniture. Rust-inhibiting metal primer is available in aerosol spray cans at auto parts stores. Hold the nozzle 8 inches from the furniture and spray on the primer using slow back-and-forth motions. Allow the primer to dry between coats.

Sand the furniture lightly with 320-grit sandpaper until it feels smooth to the touch.

Paint the furniture with metal paint. Follow the same procedure used for applying the primer. Apply several light coats. Allow the paint to dry between coats.

Enjoy your ‘fresh-faced’ metal outdoor furniture!

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