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How to Choose an Outdoor Coffee Table?

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First, make sure that your space even needs a coffee table. Depending on how you spend your time outdoors and how you entertain, you may find that a picnic table would better suit your needs. Or you may find that a small end table is perfect for your cup of tea while you sit in your favorite chair on the porch. Think of how you spend your time outside, plan your new purchase according to it, and you will be able to enjoy your new furniture for many years.

Tips for choosing an outdoor coffee table

Next, take into account any furniture that you already have outside. Note what it is made of and what style it is. If you have a set of cast iron chairs, a wooden coffee table will look out of place. A really nice new piece will look unusual around bargain plastic or aluminum furniture. And don’t forget to take your decorating style into consideration. If you keep with a specific decorating theme in your house, you will probably want to carry that style out into your outdoor living spaces. Doing this will really help bring together both the inside and outside spaces in your home.

Finally, make sure you do some research into the type of maintenance required for whichever outdoor coffee table you are interested in buying. For example, teak and eucalyptus need to be oiled once or twice a year or they weather to a silver-grey color. If you will have kids playing around your new table, you will really want to make sure that the piece is strong and durable.

Also decide how much time you want to spend cleaning and maintaining your new table, and make sure that whichever one you buy falls within that range you’ve chosen. If you’re a person who prefers low-maintenance pieces, make sure you choose an easy care piece of furniture. And if you’re a person who is more than happy to take the extra time to care for a nice table, don’t be afraid to go for a model that requires a bit more maintenance.

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