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Greek Chic: Colonna Furniture Collection

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Do you like ancient Greek style with its pompous columns and history? Well, design Studio 65 has created an interesting outdoor furniture collection that pays tribute to the architectural heritage of Ancient Greece. Their collection presents furniture that is mimicking the popular column shape that is mostly associated with Greek architecture.

Colonna Furniture By Studio 65

Colonna Outdoor Furniture

Capitello Chaise Lounge By Studio 65

The furniture collection is broken down into three parts that can be reconnected to form an iconic Greek column. The three parts of the column have names: ‘Capitello’, ‘Attica’ and ‘Attica TL’ , which represent lounge chairs and table set designed specifically for an outdoor use. The company points out that the Colonna collection is:

… a modular system of ‘archaeological finds’, redeveloped for contemporary use, with a pop attitude.

Just imagine: you would go out to your backyard and find these fragile ancient columns being used as furniture pieces. Not only you will feel the touch of ancient Greek chic, but also your yard will be aesthetically pleasing.

Colonna Outdoor Furniture

Colonna Furniture: Capitello, Attica & Attica TL

The top of column is referred to as Capitello and it acts as chaise lounge. Then comes the second piece of the column – Attica, a transversal section that also can be used as a seating, which is dotted with black & white cushion inserts. The third part of the column, the base named Attica TL has a slightly tapered design, and it can function as a table with a bifacial glass surface that is opaque on one side and has a mirror-like surface on the other side.

Studio 65 is a very diverse company with various offices in business cities around the world. They have different inspiring projects, including unique furnishing designs that are paying tribute to various cultural and architectural constructions. The Colonna furniture collection is designed specifically for Gufram manufactures, and we can await the collection in mass production. So what do you say, would you like a piece of Ancient Greek chic in your backyard?

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