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Gardenias Garden: Delicate & Functional

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If you love your outdoor area you perhaps spend hours searching for a perfect piece of furnishing that can highlight and benefit the appearance of your garden. Outdoor furniture like any other furnishing item comes in many various shapes, structures and materials; however, it is always hard to choose the best type. If you love contemporary design and whimsical furnishings, perhaps you will enjoy the Gardenias Garden furnishing collection that is both delicate and functional.

Gardenias Gardens Presenting Delicate Furnishings

Jaime Hayon Working On Gardenia Project

Jaime Hayon & Gardenia Project

Gardenia, a beautiful flower with rose-like white blooms that grows in the tropical regions like Oceania and southern Asia, has inspired the recent collection of outdoor furnishing objects designed by Jaime Hayon. Delicate is the right word for the collection itself, as every piece exudes feminine grace and its fragile nature. Jaime Hayon has created the project for the BD Barcelona which was showcased at Salone Del Mobile 2013 design exhibition in Milan. The collection is very versatile offering products for virtually any aspect of the outdoor activities starting from the lounge chairs to watering cans. As described by Hayon:

Subtlety, beauty and memory are omnipresent in its design, along with a determination to make the collection broad, varied, multipurpose and open.

It is amazing to see how the creative mind has modeled and shaped the concept of designing perfect delicate pieces. At first there were only chairs, then came the time for designing the rest of the collection, including metal benches, terracotta vases, watering cans, arbor-shaped shelving units and much more. There are regular chairs and hooded chairs with a pergola-like structure above that remind a metal frame of a porter chair.

It is fascinating to see the possible uses for every item. For example, the shelving unit can also be used as a support for the climbing plants and as a garden shed storage. The hooded chairs can become the best protectors from the sun when needed. There is an undeniable influence of the classical design but with an innovative twist. The furnishing items are light, yet solid. The furniture is made from cast and extruded aluminum with alesta decorative finishes, which is known for its high quality and wide range of colors.

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