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Garden Igloo: Beautiful And Practical Outdoor Enclosure

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Designer Cagla Isin Alemdar has created a Garden Igloo, an aptly named outdoor enclosure that is both practical and pretty. The dome-shaped igloo can be fully covered with transparent film that protects from weather conditions and insects. It can also be partially-covered with a solid material to create a sun awning for a swimming pool seating area.

It’s great for all kinds of activities and can be place in your garden, backyard, or even a front lawn. The clear material is great for places where you don’t need much privacy and have beautiful surrounding views that you can enjoy. The solid fabric can, on the other hand, provide with more sun protection.

There is plenty of space inside for an entire table set or big armchair and an indoor garden.

Garden Igloo Outdoor Enclosure

Garden igloo

Sheer garden igloo

Clear igloo interior

Garden igloo

garden igloo

Swimming garden igloo

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