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Futuristic Glowing Bench Design

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This is the best bench we ever saw lately. It looks great, it glows, and it is very futuristic. Most people would agree that this glowing bench would fit a night club, or could be placed in a shopping mall, but people should try to place these chair at their house and feel a great impact it will give to the atmosphere.

Futuristic glowing bench design by Manfred Kielnhofer

This bench design is created by Manfred Kielnhofer. It looks fantastic with its colorful light balls that functions as the legs of the bench. The glowing balls is what makes this bench looks outstanding. With its futuristic touch, the light ball on the bench gives extra credit for the bench design as a whole.

The light ball bench would make a room look more alive, especially when the lights are off. This glowing bench could fit in a modern or minimalist interior design. People with modern homes could try to place this funky furniture in their living room or as an outdoor seating near the pool or by the garden.

The stylish bench itself comes in three different materials. The first design is made by wood, as if it is a bench you took from the park and modified to become more futuristic with the glowing lights. The second design is more of a dark metal material that really fits the modernity of the bench design. The final design is very interesting, the bench is transparent so you could see right through it, which makes the focus of the design more on the glowing light balls.
This extraordinary furniture is a very good piece of work. Well, if you need more information about this glowing bench design, you can visit the creator’s website.

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