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F3 Outdoor Furniture Collection

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Do you love luxury and all that’s related to it? Well, if yes, then you will enjoy this amazing luxurious F3 outdoor furniture collection designed by Fabio Novembre for Vondom. The collection boasts of poolside furniture in curious forms that have taken their origin in mathematical calculations.

F3 Furniture Vondom

F3 Outdoor Furniture by Fabio Novembre

Outdoor Furniture By Fabio Novembre

Vondom, an Italian furniture manufacturer, has a long history of providing fashionable and comfortable furniture designs. It has fame for creating modern and sometimes avant-garde furnishings. Sometime back we have reviewed the Agatha furniture collection, designed specifically for kids to play in the outdoors. This time it is poolside furniture we are looking at.

The F3 collection, of course, is no exception from the long list of luxurious furniture designs manufactured by Vondom. Created by Fabio Novembre, this fabulous furniture collection is mimicking mathematical function forms. The flowing design is created both for maximum comfort and for storage, as the pieces can be stacked up together to take up less space.

F3 Furniture Vondom

Luxurious F3 Poolside Furniture

Just look at these gorgeous furniture pieces that are designed to be enjoyed in the outdoors. The curvy origin of the chairs appears to be in harmony with the horizon, while its white color plays cool with the blue of the swimming pool area. Here is what designer, Fabio Novembre, has to say about the F3 Collection:

F3 is based on mathematical surfaces that flows freely until reach the perfect function of each element. An apparently simple design that requires an accurate study of engineering and high precision, achieving a stackability concept never seen before in rotomolding. Through different pieces, the collection manages to combine aesthetic and function. Beautiful lines that help us to flow from its shape. Mathematical Science became design…

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