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Designers Use Their Imagination on Benches

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Dog Shaped Bench

Being in the park, walking there, watching others do things, being entertained, or just sitting on the park benches that have a power to stop people in their tracks and convince them to take a seat; all these can give a tremendous delight. The designers get an enjoyment by creating their designs in furniture, in this case designing the park benches, using their endless and grand imagination.

Benches in New York

There are some samples of benches to look at. They are in New York City Park. It is the most prosaic of public furnishing. It has morphed into a blank canvas on which designers, landscape architects and artists have unleashed their imagination. There you can see wooden chaises roomy enough for two. Bar-stool-style perches with river views. Communal work stations for laptop users.

The varieties of benches seem endless. One of the architects says, “We want people to feel comfortable. We need to get away from this whole notion that you must sit upright and face this direction. That is so old school.” Indeed, he is right about this statement. In the modern times it is very usual to see something weird, something really strange to eth eye, but we get used to such things quite quickly and not very surprised anymore.

NY cIty Park Bench

NY City Park Bench

NY City Park Benches

It is liked when wooden benches are sharply used in combination with neat industrial material such as a steel and concrete. This bench has it all, topped up with a superb finishing as well as being perfectly dimensioned. It is one of this object that makes us imagine the designer making real size mock-ups and carefully testing the height, length and depth of the seat.

City park Bench

City Park Benches

High line park bench. Would you like to sit and then slide off it, as you did perhaps when you were a small kid?

NY City Park Bench

NY City Park Bench

If we look at this bench, we might think of the alien’s part of the space ship or a part of their home, like in the old movie Alien. Someone can have a different viewpoint, but indeed, it has a form of something from a different world, planet.

Reef Benches

Reef Benches

reef Benchesk

Reef Benches

Dutch designers created this organic bench from wooden structures. Placed on the rooftop of a local high school, the wooden bench creates a dune like seating area on gray urban surroundings.

Benches by Orange 22 Design Lab

Eco-Friendly Botanist Benches

Eco-Friendly Botanist Benches

Eight icons of design have joined forces with Orange22 Design Lab to launch the firm’s Blank Canvas Project. Super high-profile designers, including Yves Behar, Karim Rashid, Milton Glaser and Massimo Vignelli, have created new editions of Orange22’s indoor-outdoor, eco-friendly Botanist furniture.

Orange 22 founder Dario Antonioni says, “We designed the structures to be strong and versatile enough to sustain any pattern we could imagine. Now, the industry’s most celebrated designers will do the dreaming. Consumers are embracing design more and more each year and now with the Blank Canvas program they purchase furniture products with the knowledge that they too will be making a difference.”

Amanda Bench Design by Matthias Pliessnig Designer

Amanda Bench

Amanda Bench

By the designer’ description: Amanda was designed for a private client who wanted a large bench flowing through his space. I designed the piece to direct the sitter to face multiple directions due to the functions of the space… this helped to dictate the initial design.

Benches by Peter Donders

3D Benches

3D Benches

The Belgian designer Peter Donders, famous for his free form and curved pieces, has designed this futuristic bench using 3D modeling techniques allied to traditional molding methods. At first glance, which draws more attention in the design of this bank are its elegant curves, ample seating area, although the curves and, the fact of its forms “inviting us” to look at it from various angles.

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