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Daybed Decorating Ideas

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A daybed can be a great addition in any room, especially for kids as it offers them extra seating and lounging space. Beanbags and sofas are fine in their own right but a generic daybed can be made to look a whole lot better with some decoration. The child should always have a say, of course, but there are a number of ideas that will work well for both parents and children.

Outdoor daybed decorating tips and ideas

Stuffed Animals

All children, whether girls or boys, have stuffed animal collections. Normally, they live on the bed which can mean bedtime and mornings becoming something of a chore when it comes to taking all the animals off and putting them back on again. Decorating the daybed with the stuffed animals is an ideal solution. They provide great decoration but they still very accessible so your child can easily pick out the ones he or she wants to play with.


Cushions make everywhere far more comfortable. Choose bright colors or bold designs that will match the room and scatter them liberally on the daybed. They might end up on the floor but this is fine as they’re very easy to put back at bedtime. Cushions will enhance the daybed and actually make it more useful.


Putting a throw over a daybed will serve 2 purposes. It will add color and design, and it will also protect the daybed itself if your child or a friend spills something on it. It’s a lot easier to wash or replace a throw than to clean up an entire daybed. Throw comes is all colors, designs and fabrics, so you and your child can pick something that pleases your both. Generally, they’re not too expensive either.


Bright colored linens and a daybed offer much the same function as a throw in terms of brightening the place up and making the furniture stand out more. If the daybed is already made up with linens, then it’s also immediately useful for its alternative function as a bed.


If the frame of the daybed is metal or wood, you can personalize it by painting it. Let your child choose the color but do the work yourself unless you’re happy to clear up any subsequent mess later. Your child can choose a single color or even several contrasting colors. Make sure you buy the correct paint for the type of surface you are working on. Materials that are easy to wipe clean can be ideal and you might also wish to consider a sealant on top of the paint as well.


Stencils will work with a wood frame daybed and can really make it stand out if you choose to use vibrant colors. Art and hardware stores stock many different stencils. Let your child choose the design or designs and apply the paint with a paintbrush or directly from a spray can. It’s very easy to do and helps make your child’s daybed unique.


If you have a little princess in your life, you can make her daybed into a royal bed by hanging sheet net drapes around the daybed so it resembles an old four-poster design. It also gives a more private play area as well as creating the illusion of something very special. The drapes can either be tacked to the ceiling or you can hang a rail for them.

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