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Covers for Outdoor Pool Table

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While having a pool table is really a cool item, an outdoor luxury furniture, because it is really rare. However, here are some ideas on making a cover for the outdoor pool table!

Cover Ideas for Pool Table

So, if you have an indoor pool table, that is so just happened to be located outside, you can always make an appropriate cover to protect your table! One of the simplest ideas is to mak a cover out of cloth, this way your table at least won’t collect dust, when unused. However, if you need more elaborate protection, try using a tarp or waterproof vinyl, as it at least makes your table safe from pouring rain!
Another idea of covering your pool table is to use plywood. Use two square sections or one large rectangular section of plywood can be used to cover the surface of the pool board before using the cloth cover. This way the table can be used like a general table, to put there drinks, and other items. Try to maximally protect your outdoor furniture, especially something as special as the felt surface of the pool table!

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