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Conceptual Benches by Peter Donders

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While looking at the futuristic benches designed by Belgian designer Peter Donders, you can’t tell at a glance what they are: the piece of furniture or conceptual art. But despite their uncoventional look, they are functional and fit for purpose. In addition, a bench made by Peter Donders easily becomes the brightest accent in landscape design.

Conceptual 3D Printed Benches

Wind Bench by Peter Donders

Wind Bench by Peter Donders

Wind Bench

For example, if you look at the Wind Bench more closely, you can find a place suitable for sitting, although not immediately. The author of the project was inspired by wind, whereby the object got its name. The Wind Bench is made of aluminum or bronze. Bronze bench is represented, of course, in a bronze color. And aluminum bench can be made in any color upon request.

Tube Bench by Peter Donders

Tube Bench by Peter Donders

Tube Bench

Tube Bench is a real abstract sculpture – it is devoid of sharp edges and angles of its traditional prototype, endowed with smooth, fluid, curving lines. A new viewpoint on the bench offers a completely different look. You would want to feast eyes on the bench, and learn the nuances of its design. The bench is made ​​of aluminum and is essentially a tube – an unusual product hollow on the inside. The Tube Bench is designed for metropolis, meadows, open spaces, or any other small spaces.

C-Bench by Peter Donders

C-Bench by Peter Donders


Peter Donders has turned a carbon tape into the C-Bench. Its surface is a structure and framework, and he did not add anything else. This stylish art object is lightweight, durable and functional as the usual furniture.

Peter Donders has experimented with different types of carbon fiber in order to achieve maximum light and strong shapes. The C-Bench is extremely strong. It is not caving in, and can hold the weight of adults and teenagers.

All benches are made using designer’s copyright technology and 3D printing. Besides the benches, Peter Donders creates collections of chairs and jewelry, also using 3D printing.

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