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4 Amazing Outdoor Furniture Transformations

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Outdoor furniture can at times be so incredibly boring and dull. How about doing a project of transformation for the regular old outdoor furniture pieces and turn them into spring infused furnishings? Here are the 4 amazing outdoor furniture transformations!

Outdoor Furniture Remake Ideas

revamping outdoor furniture

1. Outdoor Bench Stripes

This project is really easy, but very fun to do! You, no doubt, have an old simple bench, which was probably made by your grandfather back in the ages. How about giving the bench a remake by painting its back spindles with funky colors? Let’s say that each stripe will have its own color or a bunch of coordinating colors. You can even make a cushion for the bench from an old beach towel, just make sure that the colors match.

2. Wicker Bench Romance

revamping outdoor furniture

Transform a simple white wicker bench into a fancy outdoor furniture item with a romantic touch. Paint the curvy back of the wicker bench in a tender color like pink or blue, and add a coverlet in a simple floral print as a cushion and a dust ruffle as a skirt. You get a totally renovated amazing DIY cushioned wicker bench that could cost a fortune if you originally bought it like this.

3. Jewel Up Aluminum Chair

revamping outdoor furniture

If you have a chair from extruded aluminum, which is not really in the spring mood in its dark gray colors, how about transforming it into a fancy chair with a cute beaded fringe? Jewel up the chair with a hanful of plastic beads and see how fancy this little skirt looks. This chair is not only ready for spring, it is also unique!

4. Revamping Old Plastic Chair

Everyone has a set of old plastic chairs somewhere in the closet, but few would consider revamping them for a better look. There are several ways of making a plastic chair look amazing, and one of them is dressing it in fabric. Make sure that the fabric is weather-resistant and in a spring mood – and the plastic chair is instantly revamped. Another idea is to simply paint the chair in some funky colors and patterns.

revamping outdoor furniture

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