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Yard Transformation Into Summer Retreat

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Summer approaches rapidly with the increasing temperature and longing for the sea and vacation. If you think that vacation is quite an expensive investment, the vacation can come to your yard! Make a summer retreat in your own backyard with these few simple tips.

Backyard Summer Retreat

Poolside Retreat

Segera Retreat In Kenia

Define Outdoor Summer Retreat

Most of the time we think that new projects in the backyard are quite expensive, however, if you reconsider the spacing – it would not be quite that expensive. Look around your property for the perfect spot for summer relaxation. It could be a poolside area, a garden hideaway or a big hammock under a big lush tree crown for sun protection.

Summer Porch

Some of us have confined outdoor area like porches, and this is practically the outdoor room that we can use for summer relaxation. Place there some furniture for a day nap, such as a daybed or a hammock for the ultimate relaxation. Summer porch can also include the container gardening pots with fruit and veggies.

Poolside Decks

If you have a poolside deck or a terrace no doubt you have been thinking of turning the area into the ultimate summer retreat. Well, of course one of the essential things is to include furniture to the poolside decks. Another idea might be a little bit expensive: a swimming pool bar. The pool bar is really awesome especially if you love to host parties and enjoy spending time in the water.

Outdoor Kitchen

Well, what party is without food? An outdoor kitchen is an excellent idea for a summer relaxation retreat. Sometimes a BBQ grill is enough, but try to add a simple water resource, such as handmade wash basin. Another thing to consider is an outdoor fridge, but using a mini-fridge for the drinks is enough. Enjoy your outdoors and it will definitely become a perfect relaxation spot.

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