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World’s Biggest Tree House

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Landscape architect Horace Burgess built a 10-story tree house. The main part of the house is built around a 78-feet white oak.  6 other surrounding oaks are used as a support. In 1993, the former landscape architect, and now the priest Horace Burgess (USA, Tenn.) had a dream, in which he built a large house right on the tree. All vision lasted no more than 4 seconds, but Horace saw very clearly and remembered all the instructions.

World’s Biggest Tree House Built by Priest

The world's biggest tree house built by Landscape architect and priest Horace Burgess

The world’s biggest tree house built by Landscape architect and priest Horace Burgess

Then Horace found a suitable tree and began to collect heat-treated wood from local barns and garages. So the initial cost of construction was only the price of purchased nails (to date builders have counted nearly 258,000 nails). The total construction cost is about 12 000 dollars. Today, 19 years later, the height of the Tree House is about 100 feet.

You can just come here and have a good weekend. Many of the guests became friends of Horace Burgess and are pleased to come here to help in the construction. Because they see it as their common home. Especially a lot of people come here in the summer. Plaque at the entrance to the house reads: “Welcome, my friends!”

Horace Burgess is not only a priest, but also a supporter of good physical fitness. Therefore, in the territory of Tree House he built a gym with a basketball court in addition to the church. Sunday worships and ceremonies are held here. And there is a great view of the garden from the windows of the house, where you can see daffodils, irises, gladioli and daisies.

Taking a walk around the house, you can see small brass plates engraved with the names of those people, who made ​​their treasure in building of the house, helping Horace. There are some beautiful stained glass windows.

Horace built a “penthouse” on the seventh floor and gave it to his wife on the anniversary of their wedding. The pair often come there on summer nights.

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