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Wall Alcove For Outdoor Seating

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What can be better than enjoying your garden in its nearest vicinity or soak up the last sun rays before the cold grey winter in a nice outdoor alcove that protects you from weather but allows the fresh air to tickle your nostrils and caress your face? Well, not much. Here is why we are showing you the best wall alcove design ideas for the most stylish outdoor seating area.

Alcove Seating Design Ideas

There are many ways to introduce an alcove to your outdoors. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a wall. It can be made of bushes and as an independent structure. But a wall alcove has its own advatanges, one of which is that it’s space-saving. In small backyards every inch counts and a wall alcove doesn’t take up any.

Modern alcove seating

It can also look interesting and modern or simply decorative. Arched alcoves look especially attractive and give a structure a touch of ancient style.

Alcoves can be useful if you don’t want to splurge on the whole terrace or patio. But even smaller niches in the walls can really spruce your eterior as they can be filled with potted flowers and figurines.

Arched alcove

alcove seat

Also walls aren’t the only structures to hold an alcove. A great way to use a staircase beside its direct purpose is building in a seating space that makes for a great outdoor reading nook. In mild climates this is a perfect location for such a seat as it can double as a swimming pool lounge.

Vincent Coste redesign of Maison L2 in Saint Tropez

Renovation architect Vincent Coste

It’s also great that you don’t need any additional accessories or decor items. Just a cushion and a couple of throw pillows and your alcove seating place is all ready for use. Add a table and it becomes a patio. What do you think?

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