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Unusual Terraced Architecture in Iran

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Masouleh village, located in the north-west of Iran, in the province of Gilan, attracts tourists for its unusual architecture. All houses are built in the form of levels: the lower roofs of houses are for the upper street. Given that the area traditionally buried in a haze, visiting of the Masouleh village will leave memoirs about fabulous scenery.

Masouleh Village in Iran: Unusual Terraced Architecture

Masouleh Village in Iran

Masouleh Village in Iran

Masouleh village is located about 3500 ft above sea level, but the range of heights within the village is about 330 ft. Due to the nature of the landscape local residents began to build houses in such an unusual way, forming terraces. It is forbidden to use any means of transport, which certainly complicates not only the daily lives, but also the process of construction.

Most of the houses in the village of two-storey. There are narrow staircases between the buildings leading to the upper terrace. The main construction material is wood or clay. It is surprising that the construction is so strong that the roof can serve as sidewalks. An additional threat is a heavy snowfall in winter months, and rains in fall.

Masouleh Village in Iran, unusual terraced architecture

Masouleh Village in Iran, unusual terraced architecture

The climate in Masouleh village is very different from Iran. Iran usually has hot and dry weather. Here there are frequent rains, fog, moderate temperatures and high humidity. Because of this you can see dense forests and full-flowing mountain rivers near the village.

The first settlements appeared in the area thousands of years ago. Now this area is called Old Masouleh and located in about 4 miles from the village. The Great Silk Road passed through Masouleh village, so there was always crowded. When the merchant business began to decline, people gradually began to leave the village because of unemployment. In recent years, the village is actively developing tourism business.

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