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Unique Outdoor Living Space Design Ideas

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Outdoor space is an ultimate place for spending quality time with family and friends at warm summer evenings and sunny days.

Smart ideas to make your outdoor living space unique!

Fire Pit

What cen be more comfortable than sitting around a fire pit in the evening? It provides the relaxing atmosphere allows you to use your outdoor living space both practically and pleasing as fire pit can be a family and friends gathering place. Moreover, nowadays the convenience and safety of propane gas are guaranteed with the press of a button.

Embedded Umbrella

Embedded umbreallas provide “flexible shade”. They are portative, colorful, functional and can be placed exactly where the shade is desired.

Outdoor Kichen

No doubt, outdoor kitchen is one of the latest and most popular outdoor livinf area trends.And yes, we know why! Why not enjoy chatting with family and friends in an outdoor kitchen while cooking dinner of baking some sweet-scented cookies? Everybody who wants can be a participant, not as a bystander of the interesting cooking process.

Swim Up Bar

Swim up bar can bring some luxury of high-profile resort to your backyard. You can design swim up bar with doused bar chairs or a dry bar for the non-bathers. Still want to pompous European resort?


Definitely, there’s no anything new about pergolas, but its design can make it new. Depending on your goals, you can use a pergola as place to enjoy some tasty snacks, or the covering for a personal retreat and what not. If you want a rustic image, you can build pergola from trees branches with unattached bark, and decorate it just with the pair of wooden stools and small table. You can place some bar the pergola – the sophisticated one is ready!

Container Garden

You are crazy about gardening and beautiful plants but don’t want to dig up your backyard? Container garden is your alternative then! You can use small and large containers such as clay pots or plastic bins for growing all kinds of plants without spoiling the landscape. A patio, where you can place your beautiful container garden, usually gets sufficient sunlight and shade during the day. Opt for different flowers, herbs and even vegetables you like, buy a few containers and soil, prepare some place in patio – and go ahead to grow your own amazing container garden!


You can build a gazebo that enhances the whole outdoor living space. Screened, open, or all weather, the option is yours. But it should match the surroundings, or be the focal point of outdoor living area.

Barbeque Pits

Nowadays, barbeque pit is far different from old smoke-filled place our parents used to have. There are great amount of modern barbeque pits with modern conveniences. Or you can do it yourself.


And some garden area design idea. Trellis are both aesthetical and functional in overall landscaping design. There’s no doubt, luxury outdoor living space is guaranteed by such kind of small details.

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