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Tree Bark in Landscape Design

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Bark of trees is an environmentally friendly material, often used for decorative area. In addition, it is perfect for mulching: it protects plant roots from frost, from drying out in the hot season and from waterlogging in the rainy days. There are many ways of decorating the outdoor space using wood chips and bark. First of all, you can hide the unsightly “bare” areas under them. You can divide the overall landscape composition on attractive detached islands using decorative mulch, or, conversely, visually unify diverse architectural and plant components into a single image.

How to Use Bark of Trees in Landscape Design

Barks of tree

Barks of tree

Designers recommend using colored bark and wood chips to create an exclusive and unique landscape. It is a completely safe material for the soil and plants, if you use only natural dyes for coloring. Colorful mats of colored bark look charming. They may be plain or have various patterns.

For those who prefer naturalness in territorial planning, bark chips of natural brown color will be perfect. Brave and optimistic gardeners can use bright blue, yellow, green and even red colors for decorative wood chips and bark.

Decorative wood chips and bark can perform not only aesthetic and useful functions for plants, but also bring practicality to arrangement of gardening area. For example, they are excellent for flooring on the playground as provide a small soft cover to the territory. No splinters or scratches will threaten kids using these decorative materials.

The next option is the use of bark to cover tracks and entrances. This will provide not only a beautiful view, but also the purity of movement and comfort in all weather conditions. A thick layer holds moisture well and does not allow weeds to germinate.

Besides tre bark is a good crust covering material for flower gardens, flower beds and fruit trees. Tree pan of bark enhances productivity of the tree, as the soil stores maximum amount of moisture and improves the quality of the microflora.

The advantage of using the bark of trees in landscape design is its relative durability and resistance to weathering. This ground cover can last from 3 to 5 years, without requiring special care. It is not necessary to change, it is enough to fill up fresh layer of mulch on top only occasionally.

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