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Tips on Removing Icicles

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With the frost and crispy snows come the heavy responcibilities, as snow blowing or shoveling and of course these nasty hanging icicles that need to be removed. They can be pretty dangerous, so you better equip yourself with knowledge on how to remove icicles!


Getting Rid of Icicles

So, icicles sometimes are fun, well at least they look like it, and you might even think that they add a seasonal look to your house, but most definatelly any of them is dangerous. There were cases when these nasty things killed people, especially children, so if you want to make it comfortable at least around your house – get rid of the icicles! Besides, an ice build on your roof can cause leakage, and here is another reason why you should get rid of them!


Icicles usually form on everything that has caught water and froze up, but what we are concerned with are those icicles that were forming on the roof, gutters and such – anywhere where there is a possible damage concerned. It is generally adviced to start on early, when the icicles are not big, this way you can remove them effortlessly. One idea to protect your roof from the forming icicles is to keep your attic well-insulated and your gutters and roof clear of snow and leaves, if the weather allows it.


However, returning to the topic of removing icicles, you will still need a ladder, an ice pick, a hammer in some cases, sometimes a shovel or a roof rake and heavy-duty gloves. The next step is to secure your ladder on to the roof, it is also a good idea to have someone to support your ladder. Put on the gloves, and do it! But make sure that this someone, who is holding the ladder for you won’t get hurt by the falling icicles before starting to remove them. Then, with an ice pick or a hammer start pulling it off chunk by chunk. There is also a possibility that the gutters are full of debris, dead leaves and such – try to remove those as well, as this could prevent icicles build up. In the worst cases, it is better to call a professional to remove the dam and to remove the dangerous icicles.


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