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This Screened Terrace Makes For Stylish Outdoors-y Home Theater

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reMIX studio has remodeled a house in Beijing for a screenwriter couple and their kids. Its facade is covered with screens catching all the outdoor/indoor pockets of space. This screened home theater is one of those lovely space pockets and it makes for a diner-like seating area with a roll-down screen and decorative live bushes.

The area is so cozy thanks to the screened walls and ceiling but it also feels outdoors-y at the same time. The place is especially cozy during the night but come daytime the place gets flooded with sunlight. Although if you find a shaded corner it can be a great spot to enjoy the sun.

The outdoors also looks pretty cool with all the crawling plants on the car port and live tree fences.

Screened Terrace Is Outdoors-y Home Theater


Covered Garden

reMIX Studio Shunyi house

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