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These Natural Seats Will Make Your Yard Look Unique

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Natural seats aren’t just for exhibitions and art. If you want to add a unique accent to your outdoors and well, save on designer furniture those weaving classes might just come in handy. If driftwood and wood work aren’t available to you more pliable options like willow can make for a great hooded seat or a circular swing. Surely a regular swing can benefit from greenery decorations but a woven one will simply steal the show.

Tree logs and stone slabs are great natural materials that both look great in their more natural state and can be easily turned into seats, namely benches. Hay stacks also make great temporary decorative seats for outdoor parties, weddings, and various summer hangouts.

An old cement bench or even an upholstered armchair could be given to moss as a new home place. You may not necessarily enjoy seating on them but they would definitely make amazing green accents.

Unique Natural Garden Seats

Swing seat

Swing seat

Woven willow seat

Willow bench seat

Stone yard bench

Wood seat

Hay stack benches

Moss chair seat

Moss bench seat


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