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These 7 Celebrity Backyards Are Truly Dreamy

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Celebrities sell and buy property all the time so most of the outdoor areas are groomed green lawns and standard swimming pools, but the stars find the home to live in things start to get really interesting.

Dreamy Celebrity Backyards

Outdoor lounge area

Judd Apatow and Leslie Munn’s Malibu beach bungalow overlook the ocean and provides an amazing backdrop to the grey white outdoor area with cute light seats, transparent railing, and a vertical garden accentuated with jade tables and contrasted by black area rug.  Beautiful and breathy space has an access to the beach. What a dream!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux pond

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have a lily pond enhancing the territory of their Bel Air mansion. The green lawn around the pond is covered with grass while the surrounding flora also features privacy bushes and trees.

Oprah Winfrey pond

Speaking of ponds, Oprah Winfrey recently forked out $28.85 million for a 23-acre property called Seamair Farm in Montecito, CA. The luxurious place is surrounded with greenery and features not only a swimming pool but a natural-looking koi fish pond that can be observed from the terrace and a patio table set above.

Swimming pool

Katy Perry’s former property with a natural stone swimming pool drowning in greenery is a sight to behold and a dream to live in.

George Clooney and Cindy Crawford house

Do you know what George Cloonery and Cindy Crawford have in common? This Mexican house in Los Cabos called Casamigos, which means House of Friends. The house features open air courtyards with fireplaces and amazing potted trees, but the rectangular fire pit seating area looks more intimate and homey.

House of Friends

If you crave privacy and an escape from everything urban and mundane Julianne Moore’s backyard style could help you create such a place. There are a few trees, stone planter pots, and raised beds of bush and other greenery embraced with a tall fence.

Julianne Moore backyard

The stone floors’ seams and staircase borders are covered with moss adding some mystery to the place.

Bethenny Frankel backyard

This amazing swimming pool shed with a changing room or shower belongs to TV personality Bethenny Frankel and it’s hard to peel our eyes off of it. The modern furniture set and flower shrubs are enhancing the bright green lawn and amazingly blue pool water.

What do you think about these dreamy backyards?

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