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Thatched Roof Basics

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Thatched roof designs are reminding of the tropical interior and sunshine, and also a great way to remember the summer, while being great place to host parties. This post will help you with creating one, by presenting basics about thatched roofs.


Thatching Roof Tips

Thatching is not only a prerogative for the tropical decor, but also fits practically any designs. It is fun to do, adds atmosphere and style to your outdoors. One of the ways to incorporate thatched roof is to include it into your gazebo, bar and or even a playhouse! So here are some tips on creating the thatched roof.

Basically, what you have to do is to gather the materials, usually the reeds. The main layout of the thatched roof is layering of the reeds, that are attached to the wooden framework. First of all, decide on the purpose of your roof, then measure the perimeter of the base roof. Start layering with bundles of reeds to achieve that unique thatched look. Lay a piece of twine on the ground and place the reed on the twine. You need to create a bundle with a rope about 2o inches across. Now add bundles each at a time, when finished start layering the roof. Now to create a ridge line, you need to bend the reed by half and secure both ends to each side of the roof. Remember that the thatched roofs needs ventilation otherwise they will rot and the lattice frame might help you with avoiding these damp problems! While thatched roofs are flammable, there are certain solutions to make them fire proof. So, consider your options and start with a small project!

Thatching Roof Tips

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