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Terrace Design

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Terrace design should start with the floor and wall decoration. You should pay special attention to the terrace flooring.

Terrace Design Tips

The floor surface should be aesthetically attractive, match colors of the future decor, and at the same time, be sufficiently durable and resistant to weathering, as this surface will be wide open all year round. In this case, the ideal option would be decking of wood-polymer composite: it is much more practical than wooden floor and is equally attractive from the aesthetic point of view. This flooring is easy to install and will serve for a long time on your terrace.

Terrace decorating

Cozy terrace design

Cozy terrace design

As in interior design, in terrace decorating it is important that the visual appeal did not contradict convenience. For example, the furniture made of natural materials, supplemented with pillows, brings a sense of the summer residence atmosphere. Decking with a handmade rug or plants in clay pots, all these details are both decorative and homelike cozy.

Terrace lighting

Terrace lighting

Terrace lighting

While decorating your terrace, do not forget about such important detail as lighting. First, you need to provide general lighting, enough bright lamp or lamps, so you could feel comfortable in the evening. Secondly, soft delicate light, such as candles in high candlesticks (to keep their flame from the wind) or electric garlands always with a warm yellowish light.

Thus, using simple ideas and using your imagination, you can create a decor for your terrace, which will delight you and your family for a long time.

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