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String Lighting In Outdoor Decor

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String lighting is usually thought of as cheap but it’s cheerful and fun especially for a party or holiday, a sort of special occasion thing. But life is short, so why not make it an everyday thing, to bring a bit more cheer to everyday lighting? There are problems of course, for example, party lights are usually too bright, so it’s a good idea to go for something a bit less intense like Edison lamps or matt light bulbs. Try avoiding hanging them overhead, work with shapes of your house, or other structures. There’s an exception though, trees, overhead strings will make your garden look almost magical.

If you plan to use colored lighting, be moderate, a few colored strings are fine and they may emphasize some parts of your garden or house, but too much of it may make overall lighting too moody. 20% is more than enough to bring attention to something you want people or yourself to see without making a mess of an overall picture. And above all, use quality products, both wires and bulbs absolutely must be well manufactured by a trustworthy company. Your string lighting will be exposed to all kinds of elements so they must be able to remain in working condition during rains or winds, and cold weather, and above all they must remain safe, so don’t be cheap. But when everything said and done and done, your yard or garden or both will be breathtakingly beautiful.

Outdoor String Lighting

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Outdoor dining string lights

Patio string lights

Dining area String lights

Outdoor area String lights

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