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Striking Outdoor Room In Portland

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Thinking about ideas of transforming the dull garden into a splendid outdoor room? Well, two designers Henry Brown and Wallace K. Huntington have an interesting story to share. They have transformed a simple garden area into a striking outdoor room that is not only a very comfortable place to spend time, but also quite beautiful.

Portland-based Outdoor Room

Portland Outdoor room

Lush Outdoor Room In Portland

The residence of Henry Brown and his partner Steve Bedford is located in Portland Heights, a classy but very damp place. The house sits atop a hill so the outdoor area of the house is divided into many little terraces that the interior designer, Henry Brown had to think of decorating as well. Local landscaping designer, Wallace K. Huntington was also of help and all together they have managed to create a very cozy outdoor environment.

The house sits as far as it can to one side of the lot line and very far forward, so the outdoor space is to the back and one side. It’s unusual in the hills above Portland to have that much usable property. Because it’s on a hillside, we’ve ended up with these little terraced areas that really lend themselves to outdoor rooms, each with its own character and reason for being.

The 1960’s house alongside vast outdoor area needed to be perfect and everybody expected a garden instead of a single continuous outdoor room. But Brown has been thinking that slow transition from the indoors into the outdoor space will be more appropriate to the general appearance of this Portland residence.

We tried to restore it to what it was originally and also put our own spin on it. We’re continually adding to it, changing things, and letting it evolve.

The main outdoor area in the backyard of the property is the actual outdoor room. It is striking in details with all the dramatic striped pillows, wicker outdoor furniture and charming greens. The outdoor room is surrounded by deciduous and coniferous trees, with mini glens of birch, pine, camellia, magnolia, hawthorn, flowering plum, coastal redwood, and Italian cypress trees. Take a look around the outdoor room for the ultimate inspiration of a perfect outdoor room.

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