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Small Outdoor Spaces

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Few of us have much outdoor space and we have problems with using that space properly. Have you ever thought to use your balcony or small outdoor space? We have noticed that same space is usually not furnished. Furnishing outdoor spaces creates another whole world in your home. With some strategic choices you can create something truly special out of even the smallest yard or porch.

Outdoor Space Designers

Los Angeles-based designer Brian Patrick Flynn and two other design experts, small-space specialist Kyle Schuneman and landscape designer Chris Lambton, offer advice on the best furnishings, plants and decorating strategies for making the most of a small yard, modest deck or petite patio.

Go Flexible and Mobile

“With a small outdoor space, I really like to think double duty,” says Schuneman, author of “The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces”.

“Look for seating that has hidden storage space inside and tall planters that add privacy and choose items that can easily be moved, such as lightweight flowerpots or planters on wheels”, says Lambton, host of the gardening design series “Going Yard” on HGTV. “It is an easy DIY thing,” he says, to buy an assortment of inexpensive plastic pots and paint them to match your outdoor décor.”

“If planters are lightweight or on wheels, you can move them to get proper sunlight at different times of day, and rearrange them if you are entertaining guests and need more space. They can be moved inside to a sunny window or doorway when cold weather arrives.”

Consider These Tricks

Bright Colors

Bright Colors on Your Balcony

Bright Colors on Your Balcony

Using bright colors outside makes exterior spaces feel bigger because you draw the eye outside so you can see another room beyond the one you are in.

Change Flooring Materials

Flooring Accent

Flooring Accent

Creating different zones makes your outdoor space feel like several outdoor spaces. There are so many great options of outdoor rugs as well. Try using an outdoor rug to create the feeling of a living room. Wood flooring is  agreat choice to create the view of an extra room.


Light as a Main Part

Light as a Main Part

Use different layers of lights. Use outdoor spotlights in combination with candles and plant lights. Using lights in different locations draws your eye around the space and gives it interest.

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