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She Sheds Are Cute New Outdoors Trend

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A few years back home office garden sheds were all the reage with their pod-like designs and effectively used space. Now she sheds are a hit in outdoor design. Hving a small cottage in your backyard is the best thing you can do regardless of who you are, an engineer, an artist, or a housewife.

She shed barn

The she shed has been dubbed an anti-man cave but you can really do anything you want in yours from painting to singing to napping.

Its style is usually feminine or traditional isn’t restricted and you can design yours to look like a hunter’s shed or a conservatory. You can build it with old windows or same construction materials as your house if you want to produce a cute miniature.

People are designing their sheds according to their activities. Some furnish it with a desk and shelves for working or crafting. Others place a daybed or a sofa bench inside their little fort to rest after work or take a nap, read a book or have tea with friends.

What would you do with your shed?

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