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Sculptures Made of Metal by John Lopez

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John Lopez is a talented sculptor, the author of numerous works. He creates sculptures of life-size animals from metal. And they look like Steampunk creations. A variety of textures, lots of details and decorative elements – these are the distinctive features of the master’s sculptures. It is a real pleasure to look at them.

Sculptures Made of Scrap Metal by John Lopez

Metal sculpture of a horse by John Lopez

Metal sculpture of a horse by John Lopez

The collection of John Lopez includes mostly horses, but there are also other animals. John created his first sculptures from bronze, but then “switched” to recycling of scrap metal. As practice shows, the material proved to be the suitable enough.

The idea of ​​creating such sculptures is not new. We have repeatedly written about the real professionals who literally give a second life to scrap metal.

John Lopez accidentally came up with the idea to create sculptures from scrap metal. Several years ago, he had to build a fence in the family cemetery. However, the necessary materials were not available, so he went to his uncle’s ranch, took out all the unnecessary metal objects and made a fence of them. He decorated it with a small figure of an angel. Being satisfied, John Lopez discovered a new hobby.

John Lopez is originally from South Dakota. It is not surprising that he often creates sculptures illustrating the realities of his daily life. On his ranch he repeatedly saw horses and cows, brave cowboys and wild animals living in the prairies. As he says, he never get bored. Each new sculpture helps him improve his skills, grow and develop.

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