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Sculptures from Slinkachu

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Sculptures can be anywhere. It can be installed either indoors or outdoors, in your garden, front yard, decks, patios, and anywhere where you are delighted to have the sculpture. The cutest thing that can really make your place unique is if you have miniature tiny sculptures on the ground from artist Slinkachu.

Slinkachu Tiny Scale Figures



Slinkachu is a favorite artist working with tiny scale figures and scenes.

Miniature Figures

Miniature Figures

It seems that the ethos of Little land has taken a turn for the political, perhaps echoing that which befalls upon the life sized world of Slinkachu.

Miniature figure Working

Miniature Figure Working

The artist did a few new series this year, the first being Stroll, a new print, depicting a fallen miniman in the snow at Moscow’s Gorky Park. Three new scenes were created for a British Music Experience exhibition celebrating charity War Child, depicting the effects of war, which the nonprofit works globally to alleviate. Most recently, the artist has been at work in Paris, placing and shooting scenes around the City of Lights in support of ReAct Paris, a conference to tackle the problems of unemployment in Europe, particularly youth unemployment. These little guys seem awfully altruistic considering how daunting it must be to be so tiny.

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