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Rootarium in Landscape Design

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Rootarium is a new, but already quite popular trend in landscape design. Making a garden of roots is not a difficult task. To create an original composition it is enough to select a suitable material and show a little imagination. Gardens of the roots today are the original complement to the picturesque corners of the garden. Dried driftwood logs and stumps of bizarre forms collected in a uniform composition and decorated with colorful flowers islands, give the garden a special and fabulous atmosphere.

Rootarium: Popular Trend in Landscape Design



The basis of the composition can become an old stump with intertwined roots towering above the ground. Such stump comes to life, decorated with elegant cap of colorful flowers planted in the recess of the barrel, and supplemented by whimsical driftwood at the roots, transformed into a fabulous inhabitant of the forest.

Everything for the garden will be useful. For example, the remains of roots of an unusual form, pieces of bark, large tree branches. Wood is a natural material, the life of which is quite small. To prolong the life of such compositions, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface of the material, to dry and treat wood with preservative that prevents decay.

Do not be afraid of experiments while creating decorative compositions. The perfect complement to the timber elements will be rocks and live plants: flowers, moss, ferns, dwarf conifers, grasses. But, while choosing plants, it is best to stop the choice on species, bloom which will not cover the basic elements of the rootarium. For flower beds design of the old stumps are ideally complemented with marigold, calendula, cornflower, nasturtium, daisy. Driftwood also combines well with various décor elements: garden figures, pottery.

Original composition, decorated with colorful flowers and funny fairy tale characters, can be placed at the entrance to the site. So it becomes an elegant decoration of the recreation area.

If while creating such a garden you use only dead plant parts, the rootarium will look a little cryptic, but somewhat dull. You can enliven the composition by adding a few “islands” of eye pleasing flower mini beds. Dry wood looks great in combination with natural stones, shingle, elements of forging and pottery.

You cannot always come up with the final design of the rootarium in advance. Rootarium appearance can be quite unpredictable, depending on the found decor items.

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