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Roof Terrace Design Ideas

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You can design and customize a roof terrace to suit any need and style. Starting with the flooring, working up to the seating, and finishing with the lighting, a roof terrace can be an elegant retreat or a tranquil entertaining area. Consider your region’s climate and typical weather conditions to determine roof terrace materials that suit your location.

Roof terrace design tips and ideas

Roof terrace flooring

The flooring you choose for the entire roof terrace should be both weather and slip resistant. A roof terrace, even if it has a partial roof, is susceptible to getting rained on therefore you need a walking surface that will not cause concern for safety. You must also consider the amount of maintenance, you are willing to apply to the floor; wood will require refinishing sooner than stone.

Roof terrace plants

Adding plants to a roof terrace creates a nature-like appeal despite the fact that you are on a roof. You can line the entire outdoor space with flower boxes or larger planters, and create a small garden within the terrace limits. The small garden can be a flower, herb, vegetable, or combination garden, which is ideal in an urban setting if you do not have yard space on the ground level.

Water feature

Visual and usable water features such as a waterfall or hot tub create a sense of tranquility on a roof terrace. You can make a small feature wall next to the garden and incorporate a trickling waterfall or construct a large feature wall with a water component as a privacy barrier from neighbors. Placing the hot tub next to a large feature wall blocks onlookers from seeing you in the hot tub.

Roof terrace furniture

Selecting appropriate furniture will help you maximize your enjoyment of the roof terrace. Choose comfortable seating that matches the terrace design scheme and incorporate enough pieces to accommodate the number of guests that typically enjoy the outdoor space. Incorporate some freestanding or side tables, so visitors can set down food or beverages while they lounge.

Roof terrace lighting

Lighting is the finishing touch to a roof terrace and enables you to enjoy the space during nigh hours. You have a couple of options for lighting up your terrace. One option is to place lights in the floor to emit a glow within the space. Another example is to string lights over the top of the area to cast light rays down onto the terrace.

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