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Resort Vacation: Own Piece of Paradise

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After spending some time abroad for the vacation at one of the best resorts that you had waited for such a long time, in the places, such as Fiji, Thailand, Turkey, and Bali, the return home often leaves us yearning for our very own piece of paradise. We all love to escape reality for a few weeks in such places. The attraction of a holiday in a tropical location is obvious. We all long for the relaxation, the pictorial surrounds and the great memories associated with such places. Now, innovative pool and landscape designers are incorporating everything we love about these destinations into residential projects. Luckily, with the help of the experienced pool builders and landscape designers, you can copy the atmosphere, beauty and key design features of your favorite resort in your own backyard.

Tropical Delight

Tropical Delight

Tropical delight

Having a beautiful, resort-style outdoor space is an affordable way to escape everyday stresses and relax without having to travel. It is also perfect for entertaining guests who do not want to drop by a friend’s house and hang out in a space remindful of a resort.

Carol Harper, general manager of Exclusive Pools, says resort-style designs offer many benefits to homeowners, including improving the visual appeal of their outdoor space, and increased convenience when it comes to entertaining.

Holiday at home is a great investment for the family. If the home feels like a holiday, you are more likely to have family and friends to spend good times together, and what better place than around the swimming pool? Rather than continually trying to think of ways to entertain the family, it can be there, ready for you in the backyard.

Grant Osborne, owner of Blue Stone Pools, says a passion for the tropics and wanderlust result in people wanting a backyard resort, as opposed to a basic pool area.

Australians are lovers of water and island resort destinations, with access to travel, people want to incorporate these overseas experiences into their own design ideas.

Bali is a major holiday destination, and therefore people want to bring the same feel back into their backyards but with better, chic-type influences, which is now becoming more apparent in Bali’s hotel architecture.

Water features are a major design element of the pool and we are seeing more purpose built structures with lights and fine finishes. Things like gazebos, swim-up bars, plinths and water features add to the ‘East meets West’ theme that owners are seeking in order to create a tropical feel in their own backyard. Families love the open-plan living of resort-style designs, as it tends to bring the family together.

Resort Style Designs

The best resort-style designs are ones in which each element – the pool, the landscaping and the accessories that complement each other.


Resort Style Backyard Pool

Resort Style Backyard Pool

An advantage of resort-style pool and outdoor design is that it can be attained whether you are building a new property, or just want to rejuvenate an existing area with a tropical theme. Homes can be designed around the pool, which makes it easy to incorporate resort-style features into the design, because it provides a starting point; not an end point. He says that freeform pools provide great advantages when it comes to cultivating resort style features and design. Water features are common. Lighting is vital but muted, fine and elegant rather than loud and extravagant. Spas are important and pool surfaces are becoming more important as they can truly differentiate one pool from the next. If you cannot fit a freeform pool in your backyard, a lap pool situated between the house and boundary will still give a resort-style feel. By using natural elements such as the finishes and some plants around, you can achieve it.

Outdoor Lounges

Resort Style Outdoor Lounge

Resort Style Outdoor Lounge

Outdoor lounges with a compact fireplace are great for enjoying the outside in winter, while still keeping warm. Outdoor TVs and cinemas are also becoming popular – plain water feature walls can also become the screen for an outdoor projection. Garden lighting is a great way to keep the area warm and inviting to draw people outside at night.

Outdoor Feature Items

Outdoor Features

Outdoor Features

Anything that adds style, differentiation, a personalized touch and makes the area practical and fun to use is ideal. Feature items can include furniture, fireplaces, plants, artworks, waterfalls, shelters and daybeds. Things like outdoor lounges, couches, water features and fountains can contribute to a resort-style vibe in your outdoor space. Choose weatherproof products that are specifically designed for outdoor use to ensure they will survive the elements, and ensure there is plenty of protection from the sun. This can be in the form of a gazebo or oversized umbrellas that provide shade over lounge chairs, both of which will fit well into a resort-style theme.

Texture and Materials

Textures and materials are important not just for creating the specific resort aesthetic, but also for withstanding the elements. Stone, cedar, stainless steel and glass, timber and stone are good elements in resort-style design. They bring you back to basics, and the simplicity and appeal of these materials makes them an attractive choice. Neither Harper nor Osborne envisages a slowing-down of the resort-style design trend any time soon.

It is important to have a realistic budget when designing a functional outdoor area. It must have practical areas that accommodate required guest numbers. The the key things to keep in mind are access to the pool area, adequate shelter from the sun, the placement of cooking and eating facilities in relation to wet areas, and creating an enjoyable and practical night-time feel.

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