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Repurpose Outdoor Junk As Halloween Decor

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Outdoor junk can be a nuisance but it can also be used for holiday decor. Old broken planter pots, wheeled carts, and old outdoor lights can all serve as a base for some amazing DIY Halloween decor.

Decorate Outdoors With Junk for Halloween

Halloween decor

Fill an old wheeled cart with dirt, leaves, and Halloween props like mannequin heads and arms, fake skeletons, or just old kids dolls. This will make a really creepy outdoor centerpiece that you can place under your windows or just beside your porch.

Broken pots, fountains, and other containers can be filled with red dyed water if they can hold it, or old rags and gauze and pumpkins.

Old-fashioned street lights make for great candle holders. They can also be filled with corn, candy, and other filler to decorate the porch.

An old tree stump can also be decorated for Halloween. If you want an especially chilling and spooky decor spill some red dye on it and put an axe into it.

Old furniture can become grest props for various spooky Halloween scenes and movie reenactments.

There are also other ways you can repurpose outdoor items to make for realistic creepy Halloween decor. Think red spattered garden tools, gauze-covered benches, and redecorated mail and sign posts.

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