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Philharmonic Garden in Azerbaijan

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The most beautiful and oldest park in Baku is the Philharmonic Garden (former name – Governor’s garden). It is located near the eastern Lesser Fortress walls of the old city Inner city, between the Eastern the castle gate and the Azneft square.

Philharmonic Garden in Azerbaijan’s Capital

Philharmonic Garden in Baku, Azerbaijan

Philharmonic Garden in Baku, Azerbaijan

Range of Plants

In the early times there were planted mulberry, elm, pine, acacia and many other plants. Later, along with native trees in the Philharmonic Garden also included trees imported from other countries. In the 60-70-ies of the XIX century, the garden has expanded significantly, and several decades later, there were planted ornamental trees and shrubs. There wer also built a dance floor, pool, playground.

Faithful residents of the garden: parrots

In the morning, when the garden has very few visitors, parrots are “playing” in the fountain and drink water from it. Although there is no information about where they come from, a gardener claims that parrots, which flown away during the reconstruction of the Philharmonic Garden, returned after its completion. Garden area of ​​4.6 hectares was laid in 1830, and the first time repairs were carried out here in the 70s of the last century. At various stages of development for a long period, the garden was abandoned and badly damaged.


The Head Gardener notes that reconstruction works began in 2009. The original vegetation of the garden remained as it was before. Special attention was given to increase the green band. Ornamental plants, planted in 1865, attracted attention by its beauty. New trees and flower bushes provide additional shades in different elements of the garden. During the reconstruction there were planted rare trees – oak, cedar and ash, a new irrigation system was installed together with a playground with a variety of ornamental plants and beautiful landscape compositions.

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