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Clinker Garden Pavements

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Garden paths occupy about 15% of the total area of ​​the entire plot. They are not only important objects connected with each other, but they also share functional areas of the garden. Therefore, it is important to choose the material for paving paths, which would be durable, and also fit harmoniously into the garden atmosphere. It is important to take into account the cost of materials and work, because very few people like to spend a lot of money for pavements.

Gardern Pavements Made of Clinker

Clinker paving

Clinker paving

Advantages of clinker pavements

Clinker meets perfectly all of the above requirements. It is an excellent substitute for natural stone, as it is made of refractory clay, fired to full sintering, which gives it the following functional advantages:

– durability

– frost resistance

– strength

– stability to high humidity and exposure to corrosive materials.

In addition, it is environmentally friendly and easy to clean with the help of an ordinary brush.

If there is a desire or need to move the pavement, it can be easily demounted and re-folded at a new location.

Clinker is able to withstand very high loads, so these pavements are suitable not only for pedestrians, but also for vehicles. You can safely lay any communication under such pavement.

Another advantage of such a path is that it adapts itself to any level of soil moisture. If the garden path is made of the ordinary brick, then a couple of years later, it will absorb moisture and show you the cracks. The life of clinker is not limited.

Clinker presents a large selection of shapes and colors. Clinker form can be rectangular, square, in the form of a mosaic and bars, wedge, which is used when creating the circular patterns. A consumer is offered a wide range of textures. It can be smooth, rough, and even artificially aged.

Laying of paths of clinkers

Due to standard dimensions of bricks of rectangular or square shape, you can get any picture for the path. There are many ways to lay pavements of clinker bricks, but the most popular among them are straight (classic), herringbone (emphasizes texture), circular, diagonal and scaly (resembles a mosaic).

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