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Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner

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If your weather conditions allow it, why not celebrate a great family holiday outside, in your yard? We will help you with creating the best thanksgiving outdoor decorations for your dinner.


Hosting Outdoor Thanksgiving Party

Making your thanksgiving family reunion outdoors is a really great idea, if of course the weather conditions allow it! Let’s suppose they do, so here are some things to consider when hosting an outdoor thanksgiving party! Think of the location where you would put the table, and try choosing some covering. Of course a gazebo would be perfect, yet they are usually small, so think about a tent of some sort to prevent minor inconveniences. One of the ideas is to have one big table: the traditional solution, or have a set of little tables for more private conversations, as an alternative.


One of the greatest ideas not to get cold and keep the conversation flowing is to have a barbecue or grill set up, or perhaps just a fire pit. While you ponder on this idea, think about seatings for all your guests. Soft cushions are great, and perhaps asking guests to bring over some of the equipment is also a smart idea. And lastly, think of the tablescaping, because this is one of the most important decorations for the Thanksgiving party, so consider all of the options!


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